Climbing eta slacklining

Areas for climbing and slacklining in Mutriku

In Mutriku you can find several places where you can practice both disciplines.

Climbing area of Olatz

Located in the area surrounding the Olatz caves, behind the Hermitage of San Isidro.

Technical data:
Rock type: Limestone
Number of access points: 25
Maximum access height: 30m
Minimum/maximum difficulty: V/7b-A2
Technical interest: Training

Climbing area of Saturraran

Alongside Saturrarán beach, while taking the coastal route in the direction of Ondarroa, you will come across a small climbing area.

Technical data:
Rock type: Conglomerate
Number of access points: 12
Maximum access height: 30m
Minimum/maximum difficulty: IV/6b
Technical interest: Courses and training

Slackline area, Burumendi

Slacklining is a sport consisting of maintaining one’s balance. To do this, a special flat webbing is strung out between two points, allowing for jumping, acrobatic and yoga exercises.

The Sports Department of Mutriku has prepared an area for the practice of this sport in Burumendi, alongside the beach.