Mutriku restaurants guide
Mutrikuko Antxoak

Ametza Bar

Plaza de Txurruka, 1.      20830. Mutriku.
Tel. +34 943 60 37 49

Specialties: Menu ( meat, fish and salads)
Combined dishes, snacks and sandwiches.
Services: Daily opening.

Piperren Txokoa Bar

Txurruka Plaza, 4.         

20830. Mutriku.                        Tel.+34 943 603053

Specialties: fish and seafood and daily plat. Combined dishes, snacks and sandwiches. During the year Thursday Saturday nights. July and August noon and night
Services: Tuesday closed

Capacity: 140 people

Bare Bare Bar

Atxitxin aldapa 5.           

 20830. Mutriku.                 

 Tel. +34 943 604203

Services: . July and August, snacks and pizzas daily. Rest of the year, on weekends.

Tuesday closed

Arno Batzokia Restaurant

Conde Mutriku, 1.
20830. Mutriku           

  Tel. +34 613 02 04 10

Specialties: A la carte, Pintxos and tasting menu (40€) with seasonal products. 
Services: Monday, Tuesday and sunday evening closed.

Capacity: 30 people


Galdona Restaurant

Galdonamendi rural quarter.

20830 Mutriku                       

Tel. +34 943 603509

Specialties: Cod with tomato, stuffed peppers, monk fish, roast lamb on request, combined dishes.
Services: Daily opening and daily restaurant service (lunch and dinner).

Capacity: 50 people

Goiti-behera Bar

Bajada Atxitxin 20.

20830. Mutriku.                 

Tel. 943 71 38 28

Specialty: Daily menu , pintxos, sandwiches, hamburgers and combined plates.
Service: Kitchen opened very day  from 11:00 to 22:00 

Capacity: 60 people


San Juan Restaurant

Barrio Laranga.             

 20830. Mutriku.                   

Tel. +34 943 603167

Specialty:  daily menu and weekend menu. Home cooked lamb, chops, seasonal fish, homemade croquettes and desserts.
Service: July and August, daily lunches and dinners. From September to June open only at noon. 

Capacity: 150 people

Pikua Restaurant

Barrio Laranga.   

20830 Mutriku.                     

Tel. +34 943 603242  / +34 629 105733

Specialty:Fresh sea product roasted, pork stew (upon request) 
Service: Daily meals and dinners.Daily menu gourmet from Monday to Friday

Sunday night and Monday closed 
Capacity: 60 people

Puerto Bar

Puerto z/g. 

20830. Mutriku. 
Tel. +34 660 810 550

Specialty: Daily tapas.
Service: Bar open every day. From Easter onwards, there are snacks and earthenware dishes on the weekend. In July and August every day chickens, salads, sandwiches and even hamburgers at night

Capacity: 80 people

Loretxu Bar

San Gil nª2
Tel. +34 943 60 37 95

Specialty: Pintxos. On Sundays grilled mushrooms.
Service: Open every day.

Kalbaixo Restaurant

Alto de Calvario
Tel. +34 943 60 32 56

Specialty: Monk fish, chops and homemade croquettes.
Service: From July and August, daily lunches and dinners. From September to June, open only on weekends, except with reservation.

Capacity: 60 people

Ristorante Azkenetxe

Alto del Calvario, 1
Tel. +34 943 60 34 39

Specialty: Italian food. Menu, pizzas, pasta, salads and ice cream.
Service: Open on Wednesdays from 6: 00 pm to 10:30 pm, Thursday to Sunday open from 11:00 am to midnight.

Capacity: 180 people

Txalaparta Café-Bakery

Lehendakari Agirre 23
Tel. +34 943 60 38 31

Specialty: Café, pinchos, snacks and combined dishes.
Service: Only meals

Txoko Bar

Avda. Tenientes Txurruka, 3
Tel. +34 943 60 40 02

Specialty: Snacks, hamburger, combined dishes, chicken, etc. Service: Daily opening.

Capacity: 50 people

Tamayo Bar

Calle San Miguel, 10
Tel. +34 642 04 16 64 

Specialty: From monday to friday daily menu. weekends a la carte. 

Combined dishes, snacks and sandwiches.

Service:Daily opening.

Capacity: 40 people at dining room +30 at the terrace

Subeltz Bar

 Atxitxin Kalea, 10,

Tel. +34 943901465

Specialty:Combined dishes, snacks and sandwiches.

Service:Daily opening.

Capacity: 30 people at dining room +10 at the terrace

Zelaieta Restaurant

Olatz rural quarter

Tel. +34 943 60 45 95

Specialty: From 10:00 to 14:00 pintxos

On request weekend menu with local products.
Service: From mid-July to the end of August, open every day. Closed Sundays in the evening.

The bar open from 10:00 to 14:00

Monday closed

Capacity: 60 people