Guided Tours

The tourist office of Mutriku offers numerous guided tours for visitors. Most of these must be booked in advance.

Visit to Arrietakua Palace:

The Arrietakua Palace, is a beautiful palace dating back to the 18th century, located in the heart of the Old Quarter of Mutriku, transporting you back in time to get a feel for the history and accomplishments of the seafarers, navigators and other great personalities of its past.

Built by Admiral Antonio de Gaztañeta, a renowned naval builder, between the 17th and 18th centuries, it is the birthplace of Brigadier Cosme Damián Churruca, a great scientist and hero of the Battle of Trafalgar. Currently, it is the house of Count of Mutriku, José María de Areilza y Carvajal.

It is a unique and remarkable experience, since the palace has been preserved as it was in the eighteenth century, safekeeping the belongings of the Gaztañeta and the Churruca families until today.

This palace is a good example of the connection that this town has with the sea and it is one of the jewels of the maritime heritage of the Basque Coast.

Duration: 90min
Price: 12,00€ per person
Others: Maximum 15 people. It is NOT adapted for people with reduced mobility
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Visiting the Historic District of Mutriku: :

We can travel back in time by walking through the alleyways of the historic town centre.  While walking down the street to the port, you can find historical buildings of great interest that were inhabited by important people such as Antonio Gaztañeta or Cosme Damián Churruca, who were raised in Mutriku. Also, you can see the places and hear the stories revealing the historical importance that the sea and fishing have had for this municipality and its surroundings.
Duration: 60min
Price: €125,50
Others: Maximum capacity of groups - 50 people.
Mutriku is a town with many sloping streets. If there is anyone with mobility issues in the group, then this must be notified it in advance.
Comfortable footwear is recommended.

Visiting the Nautilus Geological Interpretation Centre

To visit the NAUTILUS interpretation centre takes you back in time to a place where dinosaurs dominated the landscape and when the ammonites reigned in the sea. This interpretation centre is essential in understanding the geological history of the coasts of Euskal Herria, as it contains specimens of the most important elements of the fossil record of the Second Era, these being the ammonites. In fact, its exceptional size, as well as the variety of the specimens that can be found at Mutriku, make the collection of ammonites displayed by the museum a world reference in the area of palaeontology.
Duration: 60min
Price: €125,50
Others: Maximum capacity of groups - 31 people. The Nautilus Museum has been designed for the use of wheelchairs.
NOTE: At this time, due to the works to extend the quay of the port, this visit can only be made on Sundays.

Visiting the Mutriku Wave Power Plant

Since 2011, Mutriku has become a world reference in the history of wave energy.  It is here that the first electric power generation plant was constructed to harness wave power.  Through an audio-visual presentation you can appreciate what type of technology is being employed to create this energy and you can find out more behind this world acclaimed technology.
Duration: 60min
Price: €2 per person or €40 for groups of between 20 and 25 people (these visits are partially subsidised by the Basque Energy Agency)

Programmed visits Group Visits : download the application form, fill it out and send it to

Programmed visits (not for groups)_

Visiting the Geopark of the Basque Coast:

Mutriku, together with Deba and Zumaia, is part of the Geopark of the Basque Coast, being integrated into the UNESCO World Geoparks network. Throughout the year, the Geopark offers its visitors a wide range of guided tours that reveal its geological and natural landscape. However, these are not organised for large groups, but rather for small groups or for individuals. 
Information of this offer and reservations for these visits can be made via the Geopark website:

Visiting the Church of San Andrés de Astigarrabia:

6 km from the town centre is the hamlet of Astigarrabia, one of the Mutriku’s hidden gems.  It is an area of great historical significance, since it has one of the oldest churches in Gipuzkoa, the parish of San Andrés de Astigarrabia. One of its most remarkable aspects is that it contains two churches under the same roof and once inside you can find a pre-Romanesque window unique to the Basque area.
Duration: 60 min
Price: €125,50
Others: Maximum capacity of groups - 50 people.
There are no bus services to Astigarrabia. Any groups arriving by bus should disembark at a specific point on the GI-3230 and walk about 220m along the old roadway assisted by the guide. Wearing comfortable shoes is recommended