Nautilus, Geological Interpretation Centre

Nautilus is the geological interpretation centre of Mutriku.

NAUTILUS - This is the Geological Interpretation Centre of Mutriku, where you can come to understand the basis of the origin and geological formation of this area created millions of years ago. This evidence lies in the rocks of the Black Flysch around Mutriku. Here you can find the oldest flysch along the entire UNESCO of the Basque Coast Geopark, making it the most complex to research and study. At low tide, some of the secrets that these cliffs have kept for millions of years are revealed.

The NAUTILUS exhibits an important collection of fossils found in the Black Flysch. Most of these are part of the private collection of the married couple Jesús M. Narvaez Amasorrain and Esperanza Azkarraga. This couple has been collecting fossils for 40 years and they have built one of the most important paleontological collections in the world. An agreement with the Municipal Government of Mutriku, the Nautilus Geological Research Centre offers its visitors the possibility of understanding part of that collection.

The centre is part of a group of museums owned by the UNESCO Geopark of the Basque Coast, and it is also part of the Basque Coast Museum Network.


Nautilus, Geological Interpretation Centre

Jose Antonio Ezeiza kalea, 3.
20830. Mutriku. Gipuzkoa
Tel: 943 60 32 59 – 943 60 33 78


The Nautilus Geological Interpretation Centre does not open its doors every day of the week, but does open on weekends, on specific dates and during the high season. Furthermore, you can visit the centre at any time when a guided tour has been confirmed.


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