How to get to Mutriku

Different ways of getting to Mutriku.



In this section you can discover the various ways to get to Mutriku, both via public transport and in your own vehicle. This information can also be used to inform you on how to move around the area.

Own transport

To get to Mutriku by in your own vehicle, it is recommended to do so via the A8 motorway. If you are coming from Donostia, you need to drive along the A8 towards Bilbao until Exit 54 at Itziar. Then take the N-634 towards Deba, and after crossing this last town you need to take the GI-638 to Mutriku.

If you are coming from Bilbao, it is recommended to take the A8 motorway to Donostia, then turn off at Exit 14 at Elgoibar. Then take the N-634 to the outskirts of Deba, and once there you need to take the GI-638 to Mutriku.

When coming from Elgoibar, and before getting to Deba, you need to take the GI-3230 to get to Mutriku by crossing the heights of Calvario. However, we discourage taking this route for large vehicles such as caravans, since the road is narrow and winding. Therefore, we recommended that large vehicles continue towards Deba and then take the GI-638.

By bus

DB-03 Donostia-Lekeitio line

Arrives at Mutriku from Donostia, Zarauz and Lekeitio. Despite having a reduced schedule, it is the most direct route between Mutriku and these place.

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DB-04 Mallabia – Ondarroa line

Arrives at Mutriku from various places, such as Eibar, Elgoibar, Deba and Ondarroa. Buses frequently travel along this route and they arrive every hour from Deba and Ondarroa.

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DB- 05 Ondarroa – Zumaia line

This line runs from Zumaia to Mutriku. In some cases it is combined with the Mallabia-Ondarroa line in Deba.

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DB-06 Soraluze- Ondarroa line

This bus route goes through several municipalities in the region until arriving at Mutriku.

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DG05 Vitoria-Gasteiz - Arrasate – Eibar

This line runs from Vitoria-Gasteiz to Eibar. From Eibar you can get to Mutriku by taking the DB-04 Mallabia-Ondarroa line.

DG56B Arrasate-Bergara-Eibar-Loiu line

This route runs from Loiu Airport (Bilbao) to Eibar. From Eibar you can get to Mutriku by taking the DB-04 Mallabia-Ondarroa line.

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By train

Euskotren: Donostia- Bilbao line

This train that runs along the Basque coast, taking you to Deba from Bilbao or Donostia. Once in Deba, the DB-04 Mallabia-Ondarroa line is to be taken to Mutriku, which is scheduled to coordinate with those of the train.

By plane

Loiu Airport (Bilbao) :

Bilbao airport website

Those arriving at this airport can use the DG56B Arrasate-Bergara-Eibar-Loiu line to get to Eibar. From Eibar you can get to Mutriku by taking the DB-04 Mallabia-Ondarroa line.

San Sebastian airport (Hondarribia)

San Sebastian airport website

This airport provides a bus service to Donostia. After arriving, you can take the DB-03 Donostia-Lekeitio line to get to Mutriku.

Vitoria airport

Vitoria airport website

From Vitoria you can take the DG05 Vitoria-Gasteiz-Arrasate-Eibar line to first get to Eibar and then you can take the DB-04 Mallabia-Ondarroa to get to Mutriku.